Level: MotoAvdenturer Nukak
Terrain: Paved, Gravel, Sand, Dunes
Daily trips: average 300km
Climate: High Heat, very high heat
Duration: 6 days



La Guajira, the first state on the Colombian Geography in the atlantic ocean. It is a desertic peninsula, full of mysteries and magic stories. We will spend the night at the Rancherias (native tribe´s settlements) and feel the warmth and hospitality of the indigenous Wayuu people.

La Guajira have one of the best sunsets you will see in your life, guaranteed!. NUKAK offers this great experience that we call the “periférica” (outer circle) throughout the territory of La Guajira surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Among its roads we will find dunes, sandstorms and a unique landscape. The High Guajira and its mysterious landscapes are waiting for us.

Perfect to do in small bikes like 690 or 450, it is possible in bigger bikes like 800GS or even 1200 GS for more experienced riders.

Hospedajes Hostels typical area hotels
Meals (includes lunch Friday Breakfast Monday)
Support Truck on a 24 hour basis
Safari Hato la Aurora
Instructors in different areas
Mechanical Assistance

Single Room $ 200 USD
Motorcycle KTM 690 with Soft Mosko Panniers $ 660 USD
Motorcycle KTM 450 Adventure with Soft Mosko Panniers $ 600 USD

JUNE               14/06/17  -  19/06/17
JULY              19/07/17  -  24/07/17
SEPTEMBER     13/09/17  -  18/09/17
NOVEMBER      1/11/17  -  6/11/17