Level: Nukak MotoAvdenturer
Terrain: Paved, Gravel, Rock, Mud, Sand
Daily trips: average 300km
Climate: Climate: High Heat, Cold



This is the summit of our expeditions and what started Nukak Motoadventure Spirit. Nine days, leaving Bogota down our mountains, appreciating the landscapes that allow us natural elevations. We will ride on gravel and rock, crossing rivers and experiencing cold weather that quickly warms up as we descend the mountains and foothills where we go to spend the first night.

The second day we will cross the river Meta and enter Vichada where we begin to cross this beautiful state, seeing the landscape that gave birth to the Tuparro Natural National Park. That night we will sleep in mystical villages of untamed plains culture.

Then we go deeper into the plain that seems destined to be the agricultural future of Colombia, and sleep in the middle of nowhere where only the sounds of nature are heard.

The kilometers will be consumed as we cross desolate plains with sand, forgotten tracks and little paths that wind and disappear. We will ride on hidden mud and that will require using advanced riding techniques.

We will ignore the maps and enjoy our motorcycles with the sun at our backs and the moon as a guide. We will come across chiguiros, armadillos, turtles, and thousands of birds as we return to the mountains and to the big city where we awaken from this dream that will accompany us for the rest of our lives and make us want to return and relive this experience.

Hospedajes Hotels Hostels typical area where applicable.
Bivouac tent overnight accompaniment techniques
Instructors in different areas
Mechanical Assistance - Souvenirs.

Single Room $ 200 USD
Motorcycle KTM 690 with Panniers Soft Mosko $ 990 USD
Motorcycle KTM 450 Adventure with Soft Panniers $ 900 Mosko

JANUARY     3/01/17  -  11/01/17
MARCH       2/03/17  -  10/03/17
DECEMBER     8/12/17  -  16/12/17