Level: Nukak MotoAvdenturer
Terrain: Paved, Gravel, Rock, Mud, Swamp
Daily trips: average 300km
Climate: Varies from high heat to very Cold
Duration: 4 days



Colombia was not conquered in steamboats, nor was it the train that supported the development of our great nation. Given the rugged geographical conditions, our ancestors used mules to found cities and towns along our three mountain ranges.

The Mule Path aims to present paths and hidden populations, lost in time, nestled in our mountains and valleys, where we will appreciate Colombia from another perspective and enjoy real off road routes, not only gravel, but river crossings, suspension bridges, ascents and descents with thick stone. Navigating with and without GPS, we will move using maps and local knowledge.

We will cross rivers like the locals do, tying our motorcycles with rescue techniques and knots. Quickly we will ascend through the mountainous geography and come to appreciate our paramos, unique water sources, and our eternal snows lying where active volcanoes have roared, killing entire populations.

We will not miss the coffee culture, which has guaranteed economic growth in our nation. We will discover the mystique of the farmer who binds manual ancestral practices with careful cultivation of this precious cherry which has given us recognition worldwide.

Hospedajes Hostels typical area hotels
Meals (lunch Friday Breakfast Monday)
Support Truck on a 24 hour basis
Instructors in different areas
Mechanical Assistance

Single Room $ 100 USD
Motorcycle KTM 690 with Panniers Soft Mosko bag $440 USD
Motorcycle KTM 450 Adventure with Soft Panniers $400 USD

JUNE            23/06/17  -  26/06/17
NOVEMBER   10/11/17  -  13/11/17